Sex Sounds
It's exactly what it sounds like.


Phoning by Dr Impervious

Can I just say how much I fucking LOVE hearing this man talk and moan?


Something a little different that I’ve enjoyed several times since I’ve first heard it.

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I'll tie you up lick you spank you fuck you but only if you agree to give yourself to me completly

but dear you’re anonymous.

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tipsy rambling. 

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could u please post some more audio of girls masturbatin .. I finger my self to their wetness and get orgasms😍😍

Sure love. Give me a few days? If you want I can make some personal suggestions too. If I haven’t gotten to it by maybe Friday just send me a friendly reminder?

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Edging for hours, just waiting for permission to come with him.

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So we had a house full of people for a birthday party, but I really couldn’t help myself. I was trying really hard to be quiet. I think I succeeded?

This starts in the middle of play session, while I was hiding from everyone using my dildo. Such a great party!

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I was watching lesbian porn. I was mid-orgasm. I was squirting.

My door opens as it all is happening. My Oma wants to know where I moved her stuff while I was cleaning.

Yay for being back home.

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Hey gorgeous!! I love your blog it's soo amazing and it never fails to get me off :) are you interested in having some phone sex? I'm a girl by the way, and if you are then I'll message you privately and come off anon❤️

of courssseeee :)

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just wondering what you mean by "play partners"?

people to play with - phone, online, in person, etc. 

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Fuck the sad out of me
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How come every time I am actively seeking new play partners, I never find anyone. 

The very minute I give up people come out of the woodwork trying to do something.

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5 times.



I have come 5 times in the last 3 hours.

I need to take my ass to bed.

Or get fucked.

I would prefer option #2.

I would also vote for #2

Are you volunteering?

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Do you like giving blowjobs? Spit or swallow? I think it would be hot watching you suck my cock while you use your toys!

I actually don’t have a lot of practice from the last few years. Most of my experience comes from drunken high school fooling around, which was like 6-7 years ago. Also lots of alcohol was involved so I’m not even sure what was really happening.
Oddly enough, I’ve been debating finding a friend to let me practice on them. But apparently it’s rude to tell someone “shut up and sit down and don’t talk. When it’s over, please leave.”

Oh also, maybe a combination of the two. It depends on how much I like the person. I’ve gone either way in the past.

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Let's see that tender used & abused pussy

ask nicely.

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